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We filter the inappropriate and biased comments and offer you the most accurate comments so that you can have a pleasant time at the businesses you visit!

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What do we do to provide you with a reliable business review?

In today's internet world, where there is a lot of fake data, we put the comments on our system.

We review these pending comments with our professional team.

If there is no inappropriateness, falsity or negative situation in the comments, we share it with you, our valued users.

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Customers with experience with a business can create a trustedrevie.ws account. With this account, they can express their positive or negative opinions. If there is no exception to the rule after our control, the comment becomes active on our site.

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Businesses, if they have a business e-mail, can register on our site, after obtaining a business account, you can reply to customers who comment on your company, and increase your company quality on the internet.