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Black Friday sales scams and how to avoid falling for them

November 07, 2023
Black Friday sales scams and how to avoid falling for them Black Friday

Black Friday is known as a day of shopping that offers consumers attractive discounts and deals, but unfortunately, some individuals attempt to exploit these opportunities by engaging in fraudulent activities. In this article, we will share some important information on how to recognize Black Friday sales scams and what you can do to protect yourself from such scammers.


1- Avoid Fake Websites: Many scammers create fake websites in an attempt to steal your personal information or products. Start by using reputable shopping websites and carefully check the web address. Fake websites often contain small spelling errors or extra extensions in their web addresses.


2- Compare Prices: To determine whether the discounts are genuinely appealing, compare prices. Knowing the regular price of a product will help you understand how much you are really saving. Additionally, by checking multiple stores, you can find the best deals.


3- Choose Trusted Sellers: Opt for large, well-known retailers or online shopping platforms. A trustworthy seller will make your shopping experience more secure.


4- Be Cautious with Discount Coupons: Exercise caution when using discount coupons or promo codes. Make sure you receive coupons via email or social media from sources you trust. Avoid clicking on coupons from unknown sources, as they can lead to fraudulent attempts.


5- Protect Your Personal Information: Use strong passwords and enter your payment information securely when shopping. Also, be vigilant against phishing and report any suspicious activities to authorities immediately.


6- Check Reviews: Examine online reviews to gain more information about products or sellers. Making purchases based on the experiences of other consumers can help protect you from malicious sellers.


When shopping on Black Friday, it's crucial to be vigilant and informed. Follow the tips mentioned above to steer clear of fake discounts and scammers. Shopping from trusted sources and safeguarding your personal information should always be your top priority. Remember that while discounts may be tempting, your security should come first.