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How to Write a Good About Us Page for Your Website

About Us

A good About Us page should tell a story about how your company started, what motivates you, and why you do what you do. It should also highlight the values you hold and why they matter to your customers.

This is an important part of your marketing strategy, because it connects you with your audience on a deeper level. It should also tell them what you’re all about, so they can relate to your brand and trust that it will deliver on its promises.

The best About Us pages are readable and engaging, with a clear call to action that makes visitors want to learn more. Zendesk’s About page is an example of this: It uses simple page design and bold contrasting colors to make the message clear.

Everlane, an ethical clothing brand, focuses its About Us page on how their clothes are made, how they partner with factories responsibly, and why they’re different than other brands. It’s an excellent example of how to show your brand’s values in action, illustrating what sets you apart from the competition.


Cours toujours Editions est une maison d’edition associative creee en fevrier 2012 a l’initiative de Dominique Brisson, journaliste et écrivain. Le travail des publications s'appuie sur le patrimoine vivant et naturel ainsi que les modes de vie et tendances d’aujourd’hui, avec une curiosite particuliere pour la région du Nord de la France. Recits de vie (L’Annee du bouquet), miscellanees (Pomme de terre / Nos jardins secrets), nouvelles (Ma poule / D'eau douce) : chacune de la collection n'est pas créée simplement, mais à l'aide d'une équipe d’édition professionnelle et des artistes qui désirent mettre leur expertise en avant-garde.

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