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InstaShop Today Review - Is InstaShop Today Legit?

InstaShop is a convenient and hassle-free online shopping service. It brings a variety of local stores to your fingertips. These include Spinneys, Carrefour, Choithrams, ZOOM, Cafe Bateel, Marks & Spencer, and Eataly. You can buy products and get them delivered in just a few hours!

InstaShop has recently been acquired by Delivery Hero for $360 million. As the leader in q-commerce, InstaShop is a key addition to Delivery Hero's growth strategy. InstaShop currently operates in North Africa and the Middle East, where it connects customers with vendors, facilitating the purchase and logistics. It generates about $300 million in GMV annually and has a positive EBITDA margin. It plans to continue to grow its presence in the region and expand into new markets.

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