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Piggy Cards - A Fun Game to Keep Your Kids Busy and Out of Trouble!

A fun and easy card game that's sure to entertain your kids. It's also a good way to keep them busy and out of trouble!

In this game, players turn over two cards and try to remember if they're a match. If they are, the player who noticed them shouts out "snap!" The player then gets all of the matched cards from both piles and adds them to his face-down pile.


The game is played like a traditional ping pong, in which players simultaneously choose one card from their hands, pass it to the player on their left and pick up the card they’ve received. The first player to collect four cards of the same rank wins.

The game also has a number of bonus features, including Jackpot floors and an auto-pick feature. Using this feature, the player can choose their card at random instead of having to wait for it to be drawn, thus speeding up the process.

There are a number of game modes, all with different rules and objectives. These include Player, Bot, Player + Bot, Infection, Traitor, Swarm and Tag.

The game has been praised for its innovative and original gameplay. It is a great example of the type of games that are reshaping the way people play video games, thanks to developers such as MiniToon and IK3As. In May 2020, it was the most visited game on the planet with over 200,000 concurrent players.


When Barney and his friends go camping, they discover a nagging board game that he calls “Interstellar Pig.” It turns out that whoever possesses the game will be responsible for destroying their planet. Its rules seem simple enough, but it soon becomes apparent that the Piggy has a psychic connection with Barney.

The cards are dealt to each player, and the first player to flip over two matching ones wins. This card game is best for children over five years old and is fast-paced.

To play, shuffle the deck and lay out a grid of 5 x 6 or 7 x 7. Then, each player takes turns to flip over two matching cards.

Each player will receive a secret card on “Go,” and they must collect identical cards. If they can’t, they will loose their entire hand. The game is played until someone calls “STOP,” at which point the cards are counted. If all players have equal numbers of cards, the player with the most pairs wins.


The best way to make a pig card is to print the base page of the pig card on a heavy paper, like cardstock or construction paper. Click on the pig to enlarge the image and then print. The pig is a bit on the large side for your standard letter size paper but it's easy enough to trim it down if you need to. You'll also want to print the pig card on a slightly thinner paper for a more elegant finish. The pig card is a great place to showcase a few of the most creative and original designs you can think of. You'll be able to put your name and logo on the card to display pride of ownership.

If you're looking for a fun and educational activity to do with the family, this is the one. You'll be surprised by the amount of fun your little ones will have when you've got their hands on a pig card. You can even get them to write a thank you message or a quick note to the recipient, so you can send it off to wherever it's most appreciated.


Pig is a popular game of chance that teaches kids to be strategic. This means knowing when to hold your points and pass the die so you don't lose them!

The first player to roll a number 1 will lose all their points for that turn. To prevent this from happening, set tally marks on your score sheet and use them as reminders when to hold your points and pass the die!

Another good variation is Whist, which focuses on teams and is played in partnerships. Players must play a full hand of 13 cards, and they try to win as many tricks as possible.

There are also some other variants that add a new twist to the game, such as Spoons, which is a clever card game for kids or large groups. It doesn't require spoons and can be played without them, but it's best with six to 13 players.